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Supporting people to live wholeheartedly with authenticity and purpose so they can flourish.

Are you a good enough partner, parent, friend, student, employee or leader?  If you have doubts like these, you’re not alone.  Justine has grappled with these doubts herself and supports people to work through the feelings of “not good enough” so that they can move forward into a place where they are not just coping but thriving.

“I help you make sense of you, so you can become all that you want to be.”

It seems that one painful struggle that many people share is the desire to feel better about themselves.  This relentless quest is often the cause of distress, as it tends to focus on external rewards which are never satisfied.  You feel isolated, dissatisfied and are certain that no one understands the push-pull that you feel inside.  You became who you needed to be in order to survive. But now it’s time to become who you need to be so you can thrive in life.

The strengths-based framework of Positive Psychology and research of Brené Brown around shame and vulnerability, forms the foundation for our coaching and therapeutical interventions.  Justine believes that we are all worthy of love and acceptance.  This starts with self-acceptance.

If you are ready for change, even if you don’t know what that change is, then connect with Justine to discuss how she can support you in this process.

Personal development is a journey, not a destination.

“Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”
– Lao Tzu

Justine provides coaching and counselling support to individuals, their families and organisations across the globe. Past and current clients come from America, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Middle East, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom. She considers herself a “citizen of the world” and takes pride in her cultural sensitivity in the services she provides.

Justine is a type A personality who has successfully transitioned through numerous planned (& unplanned) life transitions. Supporting her clients to do the same by not only transitioning well, but thriving as a result.  Transitions are an opportunity for growth and Justine is a powerful resource to have by your side as you lean into this.

Justine’s work is underpinned by the core pillars of positive psychology and the work of Brene Brown. Using these principles, she is able to help her clients move beyond just functioning by identifying their core strengths and sabotaging armour to allow them to ”show up, be seen and live brave”.   Justine walks alongside her clients helping them to lean into their innate strengths to live authentically.


When there’s a choice between comfort or courage, Justine supports her clients to choose courage.  She believes if you are comfortable in her sessions, then you are not growing or learning.  Having a supportive Coach or Counsellor on your side to support you as you lean into discomfort can be empowering to make that step.

Justine Steps on Stage • TEDxHONGKONG

In this TedxTalk, Justine explores the concept of moving beyond a state of just coping to a place of optimal functioning using the principles of positive psychology.

Positive Psychology underpins Justine’s approach to Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring

Amongst other evidence-based approaches including solution-focused coaching, Justine focuses heavily on the principles of Positive Psychology.  This includes an emphasis on personal strengths and elicitation of positive emotions. The question is often asked, “if in the absence of illness, does that mean we have wellness?”.  Just because a person is going through the motions and coping, does not mean that they are thriving?

Positive psychology can complement a traditional psychology approach.  Whilst traditional psychology focuses on a deficit model of “What is wrong with you?”, positive psychology focuses on a strengths-based approach of “What is right with you?”.  This approach moves people beyond just coping to thriving.

“Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC) is a scientifically-rooted approach to helping clients increase well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance, and achieve valued goals. At the core of PPC is a belief in the power of science to elucidate the best [methods for development].” –Kauffman, Boniwell, and Silberman (2010).


“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.”
– Brené Brown


Justine “walks the talk”. Her expertise in helping clients transition well also stems from personal experience. Justine not only transitioned in her career, from Business to Counselling and then to Coaching, but also in the challenge of embracing Asian culture — opposite to the one she was born into. She spent 25 years abroad, has lived in major cities including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Jakarta and travelled extensively with her family.

“Justine taught me a lot, including being the person to lead me back to myself and to trust myself, to step up for myself, and to move forward in life, for myself.”

Hong Kong.

“Justine has such a unique style which I have yet to find anyone else that comes close.”

Hong Kong.

“Unlike conventional therapists who listen to clients’ problems and guide them to answers and clarity within their sessions, Justine truly is invested in her clients’ growth over long periods of time, and she shows her efforts through real-time action. For me, this was evident because Justine would play an instrumental role in getting me opportunities to perform in front of crowds for the first time. She would put in the time and effort to actively guide me through my journey, and be along every step of the way. It is this distinction between therapist and coach that truly sets Justine apart.”

Hong Kong – Boston.

“It’s not just a superficial understanding of any of our needs. It came with a very customized approach even it required her to dive deeper and invest to explore something new.”

Hong Kong – Delhi.

“Justine’s wholistic approach stretches above and beyond into areas of her client’s mental as well as physical wellbeing. She always made herself so accessible to each one of us at any given point in time.”

Hong Kong.

“I value most the self-awareness and courage Justine taught and instilled in me. The strength she encouraged me to find within myself. With Justine’s support, I was able to pause, step out of myself, and see something from another perspective. this has helped me and helped me help others do the same. I feel safe and grounded, trusting in the knowledge that I am not a bad person, I am human.”


“I truly don’t believe I would be where I am today, without taking that first step back in 2015, with Justine’s support.”

Hong Kong – London.

“‘Baby-steps’, to accomplish larger goals. She engrained in me the value of the process and learning to congratulate yourself when meeting those small goals through the process. I think this emphasis plays a huge role in supporting transitions, in which clients may feel overwhelmed by change and new stimulus, and need a grounding in small goals to achieve a certain sense of self-awareness and self-assurance.”

Hong Kong – Tokyo – Melbourne.

“The “bridge” has to be someone that knows our family well and most importantly of all someone that we put our trust on. And Justine is our reliable bridge.”

Hong Kong – Boston – Los Angeles.

“Justine helped to bridge the gap between my Chinese parents and the International world that I am growing up in.”

Hong Kong – Boston.

“Justine took us on a path of self-discovery. What I really appreciate about her approach was that all solutions and guidance came with a deep understanding of our backgrounds, our needs and every family’s independent way of functioning and its unique influences.”

Hong Kong – India.

“She is a compass for our family ensuring we remain grounded.”

Hong Kong – London.

“Justine was pivotal in all our transitions around the world – New Zealand, Hong Kong, London. We have continued to work with Justine as we move around the globe!”

Hong Kong – New Zealand – London.

“The decision to work with Justine was an easy one, but I couldn’t have imagined the depth of its impact. In the past, conventional therapies had reached an upper limit of progress where I felt I was facing fires, rather than their source. My work with Justine is challenging, sure, but more than that – it empowers and excites me.

Justine has given me nothing but generous support, kindness, curiosity, and empathy. She will always meet me where I’m at, and invests in me just as much as (if not, more than) I invest in her. We are on this journey together, and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.”

34 y.o., Climate Change Activist. Graduate Student. Australia / UK

I worked with Justine at a pivotal point in my career, when moving from a Deputy role to a Global Head role in a finance firm, leading teams of over 150 staff from US to Australia. She is invaluable for women in leadership roles, combining tremendous supportiveness with good sense, good advice and challenge. She both instills confidence and invites you to ask yourself the right (tough) questions. I have successfully recommended Justine to senior women looking to take C-suite roles as she is one of the very few people I have met who combines a deep understanding of the individual with a knowledge of what’s needed in the highly competitive world of business.

Tokyo – Hong Kong – London. Finance.

“Be prepared because you will be challenged. Justine doesn’t let you be a bystander in your life. You are the main attraction.”

Hong Kong – New York. Entrepreneur.

“A trusted confidant. A coach that sees my strengths even when I don’t and knows when to push me.”

Hong Kong – London. Fashion.

“Justine is a great coach, she is positive and wonderful to talk to. I find myself easily opening up to her as she is intuitive, sincere and deeply passionate with her coaching.”

Sydney – Hong Kong. Student – Environmentalist.

“What Justine taught me has extended beyond music and performing. I’ve learned to embrace the beauty of ‘the process’: to embrace imperfections at every stage, and to value the means and not purely the end. While I’m still not perfect and as expected, can still struggle with insecurities and lapses of judgment, I know that with Justine’s coaching, combined with her steadfast support even miles away, I have self-awareness and a good understanding of achieving a goal.”

Hong Kong – New York. Student – Musician – Artist.

“It can be hard finding one’s place in a rapidly changing world, especially if that entails moving around and spending weeks worth of time in airports and planes. And knowing Justine, who was also in many ways living this life as an Australian in Hong Kong, I can imagine that she has personal experience to attest to as well.”

Hong Kong – London – Auckland. Legal.

“What I really appreciate about her approach is that all solutions and guidance come with a deep understanding of our backgrounds, our needs and every family’s independent way of functioning and its unique influences.

I have instilled immense faith in her as I find it’s not just a superficial understandinng of any of our needs. It came with a very customised approach even it required her to dive deeper and invest to explore something new. As a coach, she has a great sense of navigating through different cultures and their influences on our way of thinking.”

Hong Kong.

“I’ve noticed that she goes the extra mile in investing time beyond her sessions with the client to understand other aspects that could contribute to their wellbeing. For example, prior to my session, I noticed that Justine had done some background work to understand my lifestyle and culture in India which further enhanced the depth of our sessions and the takeaway for me.”

India – Hong Kong – America.

Take the first steps towards positive change

Justine currently offers one-to-one online sessions to clients around the world and in-person sessions for clients in Melbourne, Australia.

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