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Executive Coaching

A new leader’s action or inaction can significantly influence a business. Yet in spite of these high stakes, leaders are typically underprepared for—and under supported during—the transition to new roles. A trusted coach can help support new leaders successfully transition and drive impact.

As for executives looking to move on from their existing roles – whether from a restructure or seeking new challenge – the transitional process is challenging. Developing the strategy and compass to achieve the next step in your career requires objective guidance.


Justine’s executive leadership coaching is for:

  • Executives stepping into a senior leadership role
  • Executives searching for their next role

Examples of coaching outcomes:

  • Be empowered to create positive momentum and see early wins
  • Understand and avoid the early mistakes that may be hard to recover from
  • Develop a communication strategy to build key relationships and set expectations
  • Build the competencies to make a bigger impact as they stand on a larger stage
  • Instil confidence in key stakeholder their ability as a leader that will succeed and drive results

Leadership Coaching

Leaders often face an internal struggle between ‘me the person’ and ‘the expected role of me as a leader’. Authentic leadership happens when these two concepts intertwine to become ‘I, the leader’ and the executive is equipped to influence others and drive an impact that leaves a legacy.


Justine’s authentic leadership coaching is for local and international:

  • Managing Directors and CEOs
  • Head of Department and General Managers

Senior Executives and Managers


Coaching programs are tailored to the executive. Below are some areas you may choose to cover with Justine:

  • Work through your leadership challenges
  • Gain feedback on your leadership and potential areas for development to close your intentions and behaviours
  • Uncover your core values and strengths and understand how to use these to your advantage
  • Understand your hidden barriers to change and how to overcome them
  • Learn how to effectively influence your direct reports and wider organisation to help drive your agenda
  • Learn how to lead with your head, heart, and guts

Work on your verbal and non-verbal communication, and hone your unique voice

Expat Coaching

Justine’s expertise in helping clients repatriate comes from personal experience.  Justine not only transitioned in her career, from Business to Psychology and then to Executive Coaching, but also in the challenge of embracing Asian culture — opposite to the one she was born into. Most people don’t expose themselves to something that foreign and if they do, they usually go back home before they start to change from the inside. Justine didn’t go. She lived in Asia for more than 20 years and incorporated the culture into her being.


Most common reasons clients seek out expat coaching with Justine

  • Making here home: dealing with challenges of living abroad
  • What’s next: navigating the should I stay or go
  • Moving back home: repatriation or re-entry

Justine works with expat or cross-cultural parents as well as location-independent professionals and entrepreneurs.

High Potentials Coaching

High potentials or emerging leaders are known for their drive, learning agility and social intelligence. However, without coaching and nurturing this talent, organizations miss out on the commercial and competitive advantage that these individuals can offer. In the long term, organisations may face losing their talent to competitors and find themselves continuously looking externally to fill senior or leadership roles.

As for young individuals with strong academic records and global ambitions, they can set themselves on the right path to gain entry in some of the world’s most competitive universities and colleges.


Justine’s global high potentials coaching is for:

  • Students with strong academic ability and global career ambitions. Must start from Year 10.
  • Individuals in the workplace identified as emerging leaders or high potentials or are aspiring managers. Typically within 10 to 15 years of entering the workforce

Coaching programs are tailored to the individual. Below are some areas you may choose to cover with Justine:

  • Build deep self-awareness
  • Build realistic and actionable career development plans
  • Uncover their leadership potential
  • Establish their values, understand their strengths and how to use these as a compass in their lives and careers

Take the first step towards positive change

Justine offers one-to-one online sessions to clients around the world and in-person sessions for clients in Melbourne, Australia.