Counselling with Justine Campbell

Justine is an accredited Counsellor who incorporates a variety of evidence-based therapies in her work with individuals and families. How people get to the point of optimal functioning or flourishing, depends on the individual client’s needs and Justine meets her clients where they are at in their lives.

She is known as a straight-talking therapist with solid expertise working within the International market, particularly with global families. She is an avid practitioner of Positive Psychology and enjoys working with her clients to empower them to develop Resiliency, Grit and Agility providing the framework to move forward.

Justine believes that focusing on strengths rather than correcting weaknesses is the most effective approach to long-term positive evolution and wellbeing. Strengths-based interventions are highly empowering and motivating, and give people control and confidence. These approaches do not ignore weaknesses but work on the basis that investing time and energy on the areas of strength is more productive and more likely to succeed than using our resources on overcoming weaknesses. Moreover, if we need to prevail over an area of weakness, using our strengths makes more sense.

Her current studies in the area of Systemic Family Therapy are now being incorporated in her sessions to address the common theme of a ”broken system”. Working with multi-cultural and global families can present unique challenges (and opportunities). The systems theory approach to these sessions focuses on empowering the various members to make the necessary changes for positive growth.

Why Positive Psychology?

For decades, and with good reason, psychology has been concerned with the negative aspects of human life. It has focused on what is wrong with individuals and sought ways to fix those faults. A great deal of progress was made under this so-called ‘disease model’ but on its own, the question “What is wrong?” is not enough.

Over 15 years ago, psychologists began to ask a new question. Instead of focusing exclusively on “What is wrong?” they started asking the question, “What is right and what can we learn from what IS working?” Perhaps the key to contentment and inner happiness has less to do with ‘fixing’ the past and more to do with preparing ourselves for our best future.

“The aim of positive psychology is to catalyse a change in psychology from a preoccupation only with repairing the worst things in life, to ALSO building on the best qualities in life.” — Martin Seligman.

We do not ignore what is not going well, but positive psychology is about ALSO not ignoring what IS going well. By asking this question, we get a broader view of reality and valuable insights into resiliency and all that promotes flourishing.



Is Counselling with Justine for Me?

If aspects of your life (or a family member) are getting in the way of your present and future wellbeing, it might be that some counselling would be the best approach in the beginning. Counselling need not be lengthy or meandering, but can provide the support and groundwork needed to find the solutions for which you are looking. Justine focuses on working with Teenagers, Adults and Families. If you are unsure about whether or not it is for you, get in touch with Justine for a 15-minute obligation free chat to see if Counselling with Justine is for you (or your family).

“Unlike a conventional therapist who listens to clients’ problems and guides them to answers and clarity within their sessions, Justine truly is invested in her clients’ growth over long periods of time, and she shows her efforts through real-time action…. She would put in the time and effort to actively guide me through my journey, and be along every step of the way. It is this distinction between therapist and coach that truly sets Justine apart.”

– Client from Hong Kong

“What I really appreciate about her approach is that all solutions and guidance come with a deep understanding of our backgrounds, our needs and every family’s independent way of functioning and its unique influences.

I have instilled immense faith in her as I find it it’s not just a superficial understanding of any of our needs. It came with a very customized approach even it required her to dive deeper and invest to explore something new. As a coach, she has a great sense of navigating through different cultures and their influences on our way of thinking.”

– Client from Hong Kong

“I’ve noticed that she goes the extra mile in investing time beyond her sessions with the client to understand other aspects that could contribute to their well-being. For example, prior to my session, I noticed that Justine had done some background work to understand my lifestyle and culture in India which further enhanced the depth of our sessions and the takeaway for me.”

– Client living between India, Hong Kong and America

Take the first step towards positive change

Justine offers one-to-one online sessions to clients around the world and in-person sessions for clients in Melbourne, Australia.